Monday, November 14, 2016

Again, with the stats?

I really never thought about the Pats having a long winning streak that exceeds the 5 or 6 game mark but lately the club keeps on rolling. Last night Phil Andrews texted me and asked when the last time the Pats won 10 in a row I didn't have an answer for him (I don't usually have my files with me at the game).

He messaged me this morning and since I wasn't working I had a chance to check through my Pats schedule files (Phil: thanks for the shout out on the broadcast last night).

The last time the Pats won 10 straight games happened happened back in the 1985-86 season. The streak started with a 6-4 win over the Brandon Wheat Kings on October 13, 1985 and was ended by the Moose Jaw Warriors November 11, 1985. In the 10 games the Pats outscored their opposition 55-33.

With hitting the 10 game winning streak the 2016-17 Pats have reached some lofty numbers. This is only the 9th time that the Pats have won 10 or more games in a single season.

Longest single season winning streaks in Pats History:

18 games(1):
1954-55 - November 8 to January 5

16 games(1):
1968-69 - October 29 to December 15

14 games(1):
1957-58 - December 23 to January 24

13 games(1):
1963-64: December 7 to January 8

11 games(1): 
1947-48: November 12 to December 20

10 games(4):
1946-47: November 22 to December 25
1980-81: October 17 to November 8
1985-86: October 13 to November 10
2016-17: October 13 to November 14***
The longest actual winning streak with the Pats is actually 36 games..... which includes 9 seasons that spans from 1925-26 to 1946-47.

The 1925-26 Pats won the last 4 games of the season (6 game schedule).

The 1926-27 Pats won all 6 of their games that season.

The Pats merged with the Falcons for the 1927-28 season and became the Monarchs (which won the Memorial Cup).

The Pats were back for the 1928-29 season winning all 6 of their games that season.

The 1929-30 Pats were in a 2 team league with the Olympics and the Pats won all 3 contests by a combined 10-1 margin.

The 1930-31, 1931-32 and 1932-33 Pats won all 4 games of their schedule in each season.

The 1933-34 team won all 3 of the league games against the Moose Jaw Canucks.

The Pats FOLDED in 1934-35 and returned in 1946-47.

The Pats won the first 2 games of that 1946-47 season.

36 game winning streak:

1925-26: 4
1926-27: 6
1928-29: 6
1929-30: 3
1930-31: 4
1931-32: 4
1932-33: 4
1933-34: 3
1946-47: 2
Total games: 36
I may have more Pats stats later today,


Monday, October 24, 2016

Stats, stats and more stats

It's been a while since I've posted as I have been working on a couple of other things (one project will hopefully be launched soon). Today I have decided to post some Pats stats and how the 2016-17 Pats team is closing in on one of the best starts in Pats history.

You may have heard or read that the 1984-85 Pats started the season winning 10 of their first 11 games having a 10-0-1 record after those 11 games.

This years' Pats now have a 9-0-3-0 record after 12 games picking up 21 of a possible 24 points.

Delving into my records I have discovered that the 12 games without a regulation loss to start a season is now 2nd most all-time.

To find the record one must trace all the way back to 1964-65 season.

The club started off to an incredible 14-0-4 record which is the club's record to start a season without a regulation loss. 18 games without a regulation loss is incredible. In those 18 games the Pats outscored their opponent 110-46 an incredible 6.11 to 2.56 average goals for/against.

You have to keep in mind that prior to the 1946-47 season junior hockey was secondary and at times a league barely happened. The Pats didn't lose a regular season game in 1926-27, 1928-29, 1930-31, 1931-32, 1932-33, 1933-34 where the club played 30 regular season games. The club did go 36 straight regular season games without a loss from Jan. 20, 1926 to Nov. 2, 1946 (if you want to know more about this era please feel free to post a comment or email me).

That's all I have for right now.

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Home Opener thoughts and stats...

I had big plans to update after last night's Home Opener but plans changed.

I've decided to leave out the big post game blog posts for now and just point out some thoughts and stats about the game, team, and if there was any historical significance for that game and go from there.

Random thoughts....

* New goal song! I think that it's called Once Again by the Headhunterz. I could be wrong so if someone knows they can let me know by commenting or sending me an email. All else fails I'll contact Clark Munroe (the new Director of Game Day Operations and happens to be doing a great job).

* The new player videos are pretty awesome, the players seem to have life and character in them a real thumbs up from me.

* The T-Rex, or Raptor (or whatever kind of dinosaur those are) race was Fantastic!

* The 25 minutes it took just to get out of the parking lot at the rink was brutal. the Pats post game show was over before we even got out of the lot. I think that's the worst I've seen it.

* I really figured that there would have been more than the announced 4,830 in attendance. I'm sure that the Rams game took a bit of the crowd, but the rink almost holds 6,500 people. Maybe people are still of the win and we'll show up? I just checked and noticed that for the home opener last year versus the Warriors the attendance was 4.494 so I guess 336 more is a 6.95% increase. So there's that.

* For 2 seasons in a row the Pats home opener went into overtime, the Pats prevailed last year with a 3-2 win.

* It was only the 3rd time that the Pats home opener has gone past regulation in the last 30 seasons. Other than last nights' and last years home openers, the only other time in the last thirty seasons was in 2008-09 when the Wheat Kings beat the Pats in a shootout 4-3.

* In the 87 "home openers" that the Pats have played they have only played overtime 7 times (note there were numerous years that overtime wasn't played due to varying factors).

* The Pats "home opener" record is now at:
47 Wins
35 Losses
3 Ties (when those were a thing)
1 Overtime Loss
1 Shootout Loss

* I'm hoping that tonight the Pats can improve on their all-time road opener record which is at 33 W- 48 L - 5 T - 0 OTL - 0 SOL