Monday, May 22, 2017

Career Stats Update


317: Brooks 3rd
240: Harrison 28th
238: Wagner T-29th (with K. Ross)
204: Steel T-61st (with Derkatch/Dirk)
198: Zborovskiy T-83rd (with Dempsey/Pearce)
158: Hobbs T-143rd (with 3 others)

119: Brooks 26th
90: Steel 55th
79: Wagner T-64th (with Wright)
51: Hobbs T-114th (with 3 others)

216: Brooks 6th
165: Steel 17th
94: Harrison T-87th (with Zukiwsky)
91: Hobbs T-91st (with Lauer)
90: Wagner T-93rd (with Jacobsen)
66: Zborovskiy T-142 (with N. Ross)

335: Brooks 10th
255: Steel 29th
169: Wagner 77th
142: Hobbs 102nd
111: Harrison 142nd (with Daniels)

249: Wagner T-105th (with Schmitz)
219: Hobbs T-119th (with 3 others)
195: Zborobskiy T-136th (with Kaminsky/A. King)

119: Brown 12th
43: Hollett 43rd

6567: Brown 12th
2347: Hollett 40th

GAA (minimum 2160MIN/36 GP)
2.94: Brown 7th
3.30: Hollett 15th

7: Brown T-6th (with 3 others)
2: Hollett T-24th (with 16 others)

The Season

What could have been?

When the 2016-17 season started, how many people predicted that the club would have gone on to win 52 games? I’m a Pats fan through and through and I never dreamt that they would do as well as they did. I did expect them to be a good club… but 52 wins? No.

The playoff run was something that I’ve been basically waiting for my entire life. The last time they made it this far I was in kindergarten, so it’s basically a new experience to me. I’m not going to lie, I may have shed a tear or two when the Pats came out for game one of the WHL final. It’s been a long time.

Did the playoffs go the way I was hoping? No. I’m not going to sit here and complain about the quality of officiating. I’m not going to sit here and critique roster moves or lack of moves or players. This has been done to death, I’m one that questioned a lot of things but I don’t think it’s worth me writing about. I’ve thought long and hard and figured that I will not say anything and just enjoy this. No need to question the what-ifs. I’m happy that the club made it to the Finals and I’m going to celebrate them.


I’ve been telling people that there were 5 things that I didn’t expect the Pats to do in my lifetime. I’ve become a complacent Pats’ fan and never figured that the following 5 things would never happen. This club reached 3 of those 5.

#1. Breaking 100 points – the Pats reached the mark in their 66th game and I’m still impressed with that. They finished with 112 obliterating the previous record by 12 (previous high was 100).

#2. Getting 50 wins – the Pats got their 50th win in their 70th game and finished with 52; besting their club record by 3 (49 was the previous record)

#3. Winning the Scotty Munro Trophy – for the first time in my life they finished first overall.

#4. Winning the Ed Chynoweth Cup – 2 wins short…. So close.

#5. Winning the Memorial Cup – One day…. I hope.


2016-17 Pats Stats

Team Records Broken/Tied:

Wins: 52 (previous record 49 in 1980-81)

Points: 112 (previous record 100 in 1980-81)

Fewest regulation losses: 12 (previous record 14 in 1973-74 *68 game schedule*)

Fastest to 40 Wins: 53 games (previous record 57 in 1980-81)

Most road wins: 28 (previous record 20 in 1979-80 & 1983-84)

Fewest regulation road losses (WHL): 5 (previous record 10 in 1973-74)

Fewest road goals against (WHL): 95 (ties record 2001-02)

Most team shutouts: 7 (ties record 2006-07)


Player stats:

50 GOAL CLUB: Sam Steel scored 50 goals making it just the 47th time in Franchise History someone scored 50 in a season. With that being said he's just the 36th player to score 50 (8 players did it multiple times).

MULTIPLE 80 ASSIST CLUB: With his 87 assists this season; Adam Brooks is just the 3rd player All-Time to record 80 assists in multiple seasons in Franchise History. He joins Pats legends Jock Callander and Dale Derkatch in this club.

Callander: 86 (1980-81) & 111 (1981-82)
Derkatch: 80 (1981-82), 95 (1982-83) & 87 (1983-84)
Brooks: 82 (2015-16) & 87 (2016-17)

Season Stats:
131: Steel T-17th (with Sillinger 1988-89)
130: Brooks T-19th (with Flockhart 1979-80)
89: Leedahl T-95 (with 5 others)

50: Steel T-43rd (with 4 others)
43: Brooks T-77th (with Weal 2010-11)

87: Brooks T-7th (with Derkatch 1983-84)
81: Steel T-11th (with Wickenheiser 1979-80)
54: Leedahl/Hobbs T-84th (with 9 others)

31: Hobbs 1st

54: Hobbs T-13th (with Miner 1984-85)
42: Harrison T-30th (with 5 others)

85: Hobbs 6th
48: Harrison T-45th (with Miller 1986-87 & Wilkie 1993-94)

(Minimum 36 GP/2160 MIN)

50: Brown T-31st (with 5 others)

2885: Brown 31st

2.64: Brown 4th

5: Brown T-2nd (Koberinski 1959-60, Walters 1956-57 & Fisher 1967-68)

.911: Brown 2nd (since 1973-74)

That's it for now.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

I'm still here

Now that I've had time to digest this season and playoffs I'll post some stats and records later this weekend. Stay tuned.

Saturday, March 11, 2017


Tonight marks just the 5th time in Pats Franchise history that a team has won 48 games (or more).

The previous 4 incarnations happened to come in four consecutive seasons from 1980-81 to 1983-84.

1980-81: 49-21-2
1981-82: 48-24-0
1982-83: 48-24-0
1983-84: 48-23-1

The 2016-17 version is at 48-12-7-1 and still has 4 games left.

For comparison sake let's take a quick look at the previous 4 and their records through the 68 game mark:

1980-81: 46-21-1 (went 3-0-1 to end the season)
1981-82: 44-24-0 (went 4-0-0 to end the season)
1982-83: 46-22-0 (went 2-2-0 to end the season)
1983-84: 45-22-1 (went 3-1-0 to end the season)

If the "trend" were to continue and this years's version of the Pats were to finish off the season with any of those endings, 50 wins in highly attainable.
During the Pats 1973-74 Memorial Cup season the league schedule consisted of 68 games and they finished the season 43-14-11 and if they would have played a 72 game schedule the most wins they could have reached was 47.

Now with that being said I am in no way comparing the 2016-17 Pats to the 1974 Memorial Cup team, I'm just stating the numbers.

Win or lose, one thing that people can't deny is this is season has been so much fun.
I won't update any of the player stats tonight as I think there will be a change or 2 to the scoring.

Goodnight Pats Fans!

History has been made.

In case you didn't know the 2016-17 Pats have accomplished something no other team in Pats history has been able to do: Break the 100 point barrier (102 with 5 games remaining).

The 1980-81 version topped out at the century mark but wasn't able to crack it. That 1980-81 team took until the final game of the regular season to get their 49th win and 100th point. The Pats downed the Calgary Wranglers 5-2 March 25, 1981 on home ice in front of 5,750 fans. A couple of pictures and game story and summary as it appeared in the Leader-Post.

The 2016-17 Pats have done something that I never thought would happen (I'm being honest here) and topped the magical 100 point barrier. With 102 points and 5 games left there's no telling what number they will actually end up with.

For comparison sake through 67 games:
1980-81 Pats: 45-21-1 (W-L-T) for 91 Points
2016-17 Pats: 47-12-7-1 (W-L-OTL-SOL) for 102 Points

The 1980-81 Pats won 4 of their last 5 (tying the other) finishing the season on a 7-0-2 mark. The 2016-17 Pats have their 5 games left and who knows what holds for them. They are wins away from tying a franchise mark of 49 wins and 3 to break it. Wouldn't it be sweet for them to his the 50 win mark?
Regular season Player stats updates:

Adam Brooks
- Has 312 games played which puts him 3rd all-time.
- Has 113 goals which puts him in 31st all-time.
- Has 206 assists which puts him 7th all-time.
- Has 319 points which puts him in 12th all-time.

Chase Harrison
- Has 235 games played which puts him in a tie for 30th all-time (with Gary Butler).
- Has 92 assists which puts him in 90th all-time.

Austin Wagner
- Has 233 games played which puts him in a tie for 33rd (with Brad Miller)
- Has 77 goals which puts him in a tie for 69th all-time (with Jeff Petruic and Dave Faulkner)
- Has 87 assists which puts him in a tie for 97th all time (with Connor Hobbs, Lane Scheidl, Garrett Festerling and Nathan Dempsey).
- Has 164 points which puts him in a tie for 86th all-time (with Filip Novak, Al Dumba and Darrin McKechnie).

Sam Steel
- Has 199 games played which puts him in a tie for 79th all-time (with Andy Black, Rhett Gordon and Barry Ziegler)
** Tonight will mark his 200th regular season game for the Pats; will be the 77th player in Pats history to reach that milestone.
- Has 88 goals which puts him in 55th all-time.
- Has 159 assists which puts him 21st all-time.
- Has 247 points which puts him in a tie for 33rd all-time (with Rick Sentes).

Sergey Zborovskiy
- Has 193 games played which puts him in 90th all-time.

Connor Hobbs
- Has 87 assists which puts him in a tie for 97th all time (with Austin Wagner, Lane Scheidl, Garrett Festerling and Nathan Dempsey).

Tyler Brown
- Has appeared in 116 games which puts him 13th all-time by a Pats goalie.
- Has played 6387 minutes which puts him 13th all-time by a Pats goalie.
- Has a GAA of 2.95 and as of right now has the 7th best average by a Pats goalie at (with a minimum of 2400 MIN/40GP)
- Has 7 shutouts which puts him in a tie for 6th all-time (with Ken Campbell, Bob Tyler, Gary Bromley).
A couple more quick stats from the 2016-17 season:

123 - Sam Steel is tied for 23rd most points in a single Pats season (with Dennis Sobchuk 1971-72).
114 - Adam Brooks is tied for 25th most (with Garry Peters 1961-62).

77 - Brooks is tied for 18th most in a season (with Garth Butcher 1980-81).
75 - Steel is tied for 22nd most (with Gerry Minor 1977-78 and Jordan Weal 2011-12).
Have a good night and GO PATS!