About Me

Let me introduce myself. My name is Kevin Shaw and I have been a Pats fan almost my entire life. My parents can't remember when I attended my first game, but I can assume that my first regular-season game was on October 5, 1979, and I was 9 months old. I think I have been hooked ever since. Over the course of my years as a season ticket holder, I have missed around 20 home games. You could call me a die-hard.

At a young age, I started writing Pats stats as they were announced and wrote the goals, assists, and penalties on the lineups. My fascination with the Pats really got into high gear when I was 16 when I was going through an older program (1987-88 I believe it was) and I came across a published list of the ALL-TIME REGINA PATS SCORING and GOALTENDING. I think that the note at the end of the list got me going with the study of the history of the team.

It read "NOTE: Players with 30 or more games listed" but I wanted to know more. It took me a while to realize that it was just from 1966 and nothing before that. I was put in touch with Ron "Scoreboard" Johnston and he helped me get on track with stats and some other Pats things. I've now taken my stats to another level and in my last 20+ years, I've spent hours upon hours studying the Pats. In all honesty, I still learn new things all the time.

Hope you enjoy the read.

Kevin Shaw

Email me: kevin@theblueliner.com

Find me on the X or Twitter or whatever you call it: @theblueliner

A little about me from Rob Vanstone of The Leader-Post