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I had some big ideas and plans for but so far that has yet to come to fruition. I'm at a crossroads with things, I do want to grow the site back to what it once was or even better and I know I need to start posting new things and get it back out on social media.

One problem I have is that I'm cheap and using Blogger as a platform has limited me to what I can do with the site. I have done what I can to make it look like a "news" site.

I plan to make the best coverage for the Regina Pats you can find on the internet (other than the Pats themselves). 

A few things I have in store for the site

  • Current events with the Pats, including coverage of the upcoming US Priority Draft, WHL Prospect Draft, NHL Entry Draft, and CHL Import Draft.
  • Coverage of the upcoming spring camp.
  • I will also go back to my roots as the Pats' historian and post stories of a historical nature.
  • I plan on posting a few opinion pieces that may or may not include all-time lists and other things along those lines.
  • Once the season starts, I also plan on writing game recaps and stories for both home and road games.
  • I will also write Pats player profile pieces to incorporate the Pats Cast Podcast Pats Player Profiles.
  • I have other things in mind, but those are just that. At least for now.
One thing I was able to do was to reinstate comments, so if you have something to add please feel free to comment, email me, or message me on X (formerly Twitter). In my previous version, I had no way to have comments active.

I feel like this post is all over the place but I hope you all get my drift. 

The lack of Pats coverage this past season was appalling. I get it that the team isn't the Roughriders and it doesn't drive clicks to the news websites so the coverage is in some cases non-existent. I don't know if you heard my rant about the lack of media in one of our last Pats Cast Podcasts of the season. I honestly couldn't believe the lack of media at the Brandt Centre this past season. 

The Pats played 34 regular season home games and I was the only accredited media member to be at every game. Chris my Pats Cast co-host missed four (around there) games due to various reasons. The mainstream media that showed up (if they showed up) was literally non-existent for many games. I know that the news industry is changing and I understand that, but it is so disappointing to see. 

I get that the team only won 22 games this season but the players and coaches deserve so much more. 

Like my little title says, The Blueliner at one time was my passion project and unfortunately, I let it slip for the last few years. I honestly thought about letting it totally disappear, but I just couldn't let it go. I had spent my focus on my Twitter/X page and I've let that go for the last bit (life happened) as well. Things are changing and I'm starting to feel refreshed.

My goal is to give the Regina Pats the best coverage I can with my small platform here at

Please feel free to comment. If you leave a comment, please include your name or at least some sort of username so I can reply to you. Thanks for reading and taking the time to reply.

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