Pats Coaches

All-Time Regina Pats Coach List includes every coach that I am able to find.

Updated to the end of November 2022. If you know of any corrections that need to be looked into, please email me

Season(s) Coach Notes
1917-18Bill Lea
1918-19William Molisky
1919-20Walter Molisky
1920-21Chum IrvinAnnounced as head coach Oct. 9, 1920.
Duke DutkowskiNamed head coach Jan. 12, 1921 with Dick Irvin directing strategy.
1921-22Graham Reid
1922-23Claude Scannell
1923-27Al Ritchie
1927-28Pats and Falcons merged and formed the Monarchs.
1928-34Al Ritchie
Pats folded for 12 seasons.
1946-47Hartzell "Moose" Stinson
1947-56Murray ArmstrongDel Wilson coached 1 game in the 1953-54 season.
1956-62Frank Mario
1962-64Robert "Dunc" Fisher
1964-65Bobby KirkResigned prior to playoffs due to health reasons.
John HudsonWas named coach for the playoffs. Had been coaching the Pat Junior B team.
1965-69Bob TurnerJ. Allan Shore coached 1 game in the 1968-69 season.
1969-70Jack Shupe
1970-71Bob TurnerSecond time with the Pats.
1971-72Earl Ingarfield Sr.
1972-77Bob TurnerThird time with the Pats. Was fired Jan. 9, 1977
1976-78Lorne DavisReplaced Turner. Jerry Zrymiak coached 1 game.
1978-79Gregg PillingJerry Zrymiak coached 1 game.
1979-80Bryan MurrayBob Strumm coached 3 games.
1980-81Jack Sangster
1981-82Bill LaForge
Barry TrappCoached 2 regular season games and 4 playoff games due to LaForge suspensions.
Barry Trapp and Bob StrummCo-coached 1 playoff game due to LaForge suspensions.
1982-83Don BoydResigned Feb. 6, 1983 for personal reasons.
Bob StrummCoached 1 game after Boyd resigned.
Barry TrappNamed coach Feb. 9, 1983 for the remainder of the season.
1983-85Bob StrummBobby Lowes coached 8 games with Strumm out with a suspension.
1985-86Bill Moores
1986-88Doug Sauter
1988-89Dennis SobchukStepped down as coach Nov. 14, 1988 but kept the GM role.
Bernie Lynch
1989-93Brad TippettFired on Nov. 18, 1992.
1992-93Bill Hicke
1993-94Bill Hicke and Al DumbaNamed co-coaches to start the season.
1993-94Al DumbaNamed coach when Hicke stepped down.
1994-95Norm JohnstonBill Hicke coached 1 game with Johnston suspended.
1995-97Rich Preston
1997-99Parry ShockeyFired on Oct. 15, 1998.
1998-00Tim TisdaleNamed interim coach on Oct. 15 and coach on Nov. 9, 1998.
2000-01Lorne Molleken
2001-04Bobby LowesChad Mercier coached 1 game with Lowes suspended.
2004-08Curtis HuntTerry Perkins coached 9 games in 2006-07 and 11 in 2007-08 with Hunt at the World Juniors.
2008-09Dale Derkatch
2009-11Curtis Hunt
2011-13Pat ConacherMalcolm Cameron coached 3 games as Conacher was away with personal reasons.
2013-14Malcolm Cameron
2014-18John PaddockDave Struch coached 1 game as Paddock was scouting ahead.
2018-22Dave StruchFired on Nov. 18, 2021.
2021-22John PaddockReturned behind the bench after Struch was fired.
Brad HeraufCoached multiple games with Paddock out with an illness Feb. 6, 2022 to end of the season.
2022-23John Paddock