World Junior Pats

Here is a list of every Regina Pats player, coach, and general manager to be part of the World Juniors. 

The page has been updated to the end of the 2023-2024 regular season. If you know of any corrections that need to be looked into, please email me at

Year Representative Country
1975 Jim Minor (F) Canada
1975 Ed Staniowski (G) Canada
1982 Garth Butcher (D) Canada
1982 Bob Strumm (GM) Canada
1983 Gary Leeman (D) Canada
1983 Dale Derkatch (C) Canada
1984 Gary Leeman (RW) Canada
1984 Dale Derkatch (C) Canada
1984 Lyndon Byers (RW) Canada
1985 Selmar Odelein (D) Canada
1985 John Miner (D) Canada
1986 Selmar Odelein (D) Canada
1990 Kevin Haller (D) Canada
1991 Mike Sillinger (C) Canada
1993 Jason Smith (D) Canada
1993 Jeff Shantz (C) Canada
1994 Jeff Friesen (LW) Canada
1995 Jeff Friesen (LW) Canada
1998 Josh Holden (C) Canada
1999 Kyle Calder (LW) Canada
1999 Brad Stuart (D) Canada
2000 Barret Jackman (D) Canada
2001 Barret Jackman (D) Canada
2002 Garth Murray (LW) Canada
2002 Filip Novak (D) Czech
2003 Petr Dvorak (RW) Czech
2004 Josh Harding (G) Canada
2006 Petr Kalus (LW) Czech
2007 Curtis Hunt (AC) Canada
2008 Logan Pyett (D) Canada
2008 Curtis Hunt (AC) Canada
2009 Jordan Eberle (RW) Canada
2009 Colten Teubert (D) Canada
2009 Rudolf Cerveny (LW) Czech
2010 Jordan Eberle (RW) Canada
2010 Colten Teubert (D) Canada
2011 Carter Ashton Canada
2014 Maximilian Kammerer (LW) Germany
2017 Filip Ahl (LW) Sweden
2017 Sergey Zbrovskiy (D) Russia
2018 Sam Steel Canada
2022 Connor Bedard* Canada
2022 Stansislav Svozil* Czechia
2022 Connor Bedard Canada
2022 Stansislav Svozil Czechia
2023 Connor Bedard Canada
2023 Stansislav Svozil Czechia
2024 Ewan Huet (G) Switzerland

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