I miss my mom and dad

 Hey everyone, 

I honestly have no idea who reads this anymore as I have basically neglected it for the last few years, but my plan is to get back into writing some things here. Many of you may or may not know that the sole reason that I'm a Regina Pats fan is due to my parents. Unfortunately, my dad, Patrick (November 19, 2021), and my mom, Laura (August 26, 2023) have now both passed away.

Irene, Big Blue, and my mom Laura (right).

My mom was at one time a Saskatchewan Roughrider ticket holder with her friend Irene but for whatever reason they decided to start going to Regina Pats games during the 1973-1974 season and my mom was hooked. She got season tickets not much after that and this would have been her 59th season (or so) as a season ticket holder.

My dad and me (circa 1980)

My dad was never really a sports guy growing up and really wasn't a sports fan for much of my life. I think he did it more to be with my mom and later years to be alongside me. At one time he told me that he went to games when he came to Regina from Stoughton, Saskatchewan for visits, and saw a few games in the early 1970s before starting full-time in about 1975-76. When I was little, I would sit on my dad's lap or stand in front of him to watch the games.

Everyone seems to think that my dad was the reason I am what I am today, but they are wrong. when I was younger, my mom would keep track of the goals, penalties, and various other things that she would jot down on the line-ups (many of which she kept for me and I have until this day).

As I got older I took over tracking the games and learning the rules of the game and how to track the penalties and all that fun stuff. When I was younger, I didn't understand that a game misconduct counted (or not, like now) as 10 minutes and not the remainder of the games. Yeah, I did some learning when I was young.

I appreciate everything that my mom and dad did to get me into the Pats and I miss them every day.

My dad, myself, and my mom when the Memorial Cup visited our house in 2018.

I plan on writing more often, and I have said that before. I do plan on doing more things here. I'm not sure what I will write, but it will be more often.

Please feel free to comment. If you leave a comment, please include your name or at least some sort of username so I can reply to you. Thanks for reading and taking the time to reply.

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