Sunday, March 03, 2024

PatsTV & the end is near

It was just a short 6-game trek, but it must have felt like an eternity for everyone involved. The Pats concluded their U.S. trip with a 5-3 loss at the hands of the Everett Silvertips and finishing 0-6-0-0 on their excursion south of the border.

With the loss, the Pats have been officially eliminated from the playoffs. With just six games remaining on the schedule, all that is left for the club is to play for next year.

Since falling to .500 at 10-10-1-1 on November 15th the club has gone 11-25-3-1 in the 40 games since.

Now that it is official, here is hoping that they can play a little looser and maybe pick up a win or two and play spoiler. It’s not like they have an easy schedule to close out the season… Moose Jaw (3x), Prince Albert (2x), and Brandon are the Pats’ opponents for the last half dozen contests. It will be a huge task.


My PatsTV debut - screenshot courtesy AccessNowSports

A huge thanks to Spencer Burridge who invited me to make my PatsTV debut on AccessNow this week. Another huge thanks to Michael Ball and Kelly Remple for making it such an easy time for me.

My PatsTV debut with Michael Ball (left) & Kelly Remple (centre) - screenshot courtesy AccessNowSports

AccessNow Pats Games

Pats broadcast on Wednesday, February 28th at Wenatchee - screenshot courtesy AccessNowSports

I continued my TV gig and made two more appearances (three times in four days) as a panelist on the Pats’ road broadcasts in Wenatchee and Portland. My Pats Cast co-host Chris Clark and I were once again asked to be panelists for the broadcasts, and it went so smoothly. Another thanks to Michael Ball for hosting the panel and making us feel like we belong, especially the first night where it was just the three of us. Drew Postey joined us for the second broadcast and I would have to say that both broadcasts went well. At least I hope things went well, we got through the first broadcast and were welcomed back for the second haha.

Other Stuff

The nights were late and I didn't have time to worry about writing recaps or any of that kind of stuff this week (TV and late nights working on notes, etc.)... A huge congratulations to Pats Captain Tanner Howe who played in his 200th career WHL game during the trip.


I'll have more Pats stuff this week, not sure what though. We will record our Pats Cast podcast sometime tonight. I don't think we'll have a profile tonight, we'll save that for next week as the Pats only have one game. We shall see.