Live Blog: Pats v Oil Kings: 3rd Period

....On deck.

....This one has a little chippiness to it.... I like it.

....Pats get caught running around their zone and Edmonton makes them pay. 4:52 in. Edmonton works it around and Reners picks up the goal Lowe and Wruck get the assists. 4-1 Edmonton.

....Neigum and Bidlevskii get roughing minors at 6:53 and the teams are going to play some 4on4.

....Nothing much to report.

....Neigum looks like he wants to dance (especially with Abney) but will he get a chance? I'm kinda hoping so.

....10:29 in the shots are 35-15 Edmonton. And I don't think the Pats have had more than 1 or 2 real quality scoring chances.... or they don't shoot when they have the chance.

....Sagen takes a high sticking minor (accidental but it was there) at 13:35 giving Edmonton a PP.

....Short lived PP of 3 seconds when St. Croix takes a tripping minor to put the game 4on4.

....Pretty uneventful period other than some pushing and shoving. It feels as though the Pats have conceeded but are still battling. They seem like they are a bit baffled by the Oil Kings defence.

....13-8 shots for Edmonton. 38-20 overall.

....I will have some thoughts a bit later.
on January 14, 2011 by Kevin Shaw |