Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pats v Oil Kings thoughts (short)

Matt Hewitt played a good game (not as good as the game v the Blades) but just never had luck on a couple of goals. Long shifts with tired players = bad breaks. I'm starting to officially get on the Hewitt bandwagon. I hope he starts tonight.

Ty McLean had a great debut. He looks like a little pest and doesn't seem afraid to get physical and hit as many players as he could. It's too bad he was offside on a possible 4on1 (it had to be nerves).

After the game I overheard that the Pats didn't play well and that we still need new coach.... these same people said that the Pats played a great game against the Blades. Man o man.... some people.

I do think that the players didn't look all that energetic after the first 4 or 5 minutes. I honestly think that any and all momentum that was in the game was propelled byt the referees. I don't think any of the players (on either side) knew what was or wasn't going to ba called.

Full credit to the Oil Kings. They look like a machine. I'm sure that each line has interchangeable parts and they would still come in droves. They block shots and they take shots from everywhere and pounce on rebounds.

We need to get more shots! Quit trying to be so fancy and get the puck on the net!

Looking forward to the Rebels game tonight!