1934-35 Pats Stats

Check out Ron Johnston's blog about the 1934-35 Pats folding.... by clicking here.

Here is the 1934-35 Roster
Goalie: Clark Burlington
Defense: "Babe" Pratt, Sid Craddock, Tommy Reid, George Coops
Centre: Murray Armstrong, Bob Kirkpatrick, Richard "Toad" Klein
Right Wing: Mel Hill, Lude Wareing
Left Wing: Doug Bentley, Don Metz, Dunc Farmer, Tony Desmarais
Coach-Manager: Al Ritchie
Trainer: Jack Ansell
President: Cyril Malone
Vice-President: Dan Gardner
Secretary-Treasurer: Jack Currie
Executive Members: Dr. Emmett McCusker, Beattie Martin, Gratton McCarthy, Nick Pappas, Mick Busch, Fred McTavish
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