Saturday, April 02, 2016

Regular Season Loose Ends

I took to Twitter earlier today and posted a few loose ends from the 2015-16 season so I figured that I should share them here.

....The last time the Pats had 4 players play all 72 games was in 1992-93. Louis Dumont, Karry Biette, Trevor Hanas and Nathan Dempsey all played a full season.
....Since the WHL increased their schedule to 72 GP the Pats have had just 75 players play all 72 games. Adam Brooks, Chase Harrison, Sam Steel & Lane Zablocki are 72-75 inclusive.

 ....In hitting 80 assists on the season Brooks becomes just the 13th player in Pats franchise history to hit that plateau. In finishing the season with 82 assists he now holds down the 10th spot ALL-TIME in single season assists in Pats history.

 ....Another Brooks one: with 120 points on the season, Brooks becomes just the 28th player in Pats history to reach that mark.

 ....With his 109 PIM Aaron Macklin had the lowest total to lead the Pats since way back in 1960-61 (Gary Peters had 94). I'm sure I have more. But that's all I'm posting for now.


P.S. If you are going to use my stuff please give me credit, thanks.