Thursday, August 21, 2014

Quick Update about Pats Camp

It sucks that I don't have WiFi at the rink but it's not that big of a deal.

A few quick comments about the morning practices:

Daniel Fink was again on the ball and made sure that the people in attendance had the lineups. He even went and made new lineups when he had to make a correction. Thanks!

Coach Struch had the boys hustling out there.

Did a few drills that I've never seen before and I was impressed.

The scrimmage was actually pretty good. I wasn't keeping score (I will let Dan and Phil do that) so I couldn't tell you who scored or what the score was. I was trying to get some pictures, but I was having troubles with my camera and the battery all but died. A couple of quick notes from scrimmage 1:

Hollett and Chapman played really well for their respective Red and Grey teams.

Steel, Elmer, Smith, Lovell, Sandstrom, Woods, Poteau, Bruce all looked good. As did many of the other kids but I was paying too much attention to figuring out who a few of them were and not the actual action. I will do better tonight.

I did actually get a few pictures that I think turned out alright. I will post them in my next post.