Saturday, August 27, 2011

White/Grey Scrimmage

Let Day 3 begin!

Looks like people wanted to sleep in. There's hardly anyone here yet.

Goalies: Ketlo for Grey, Churchill for White.

8:50 Weal scores for White to give Team White a 1-0 lead. I overheard a comment "That shouldn't have went in" from someone in the stands. I have to say that it wasn't a great goal.

12:45 Team White (Davidson) takes a tripping penalty. Team Grey to the PP.

The first period ends 1-0 for Team White.

Ketlo out for Team Grey, #40 is in. Churchill stays in goal for White.

2:20 Martell tallies for Team White finishing off the one-timer pass from Weal which beats the goalie high bar and in. 2-0 White.

3:26 Grey is called for the hold. Team White to the PP.

9:03 #18 Team Grey scores as the puck somehow squeaks through to get the game to a 2-1 score.

#33 is now net in for Team White.

17:00 Martell gives Team White a 3-1 lead on a wrister from the right circle that eludes the goalie. Weal picks up the assist.

3-1 White after 2. Burgardt in for Grey, #33 still in for White.

7:20 Team White is called for the trip. Grey PP.

10:00 #25 (it looked like it was him) scores for Team White to make the score 4-1.

11:30 Grey is called for a minor. White gets the PP.

16:20 Grey takes a penalty. White with another PP.

17:40 White takes a penalty. 4-on-4.

No more scoring in this one. 4-1 Final for White.