Couple notes from Day 2

I'm not really going to point out anyone's performance (good or bad) in this post as I feel I need to post something about the team. From watching eight scrimmages in 2 days I have to say that I love the way the kids are playing. I don't know what the coaches have told the kids but I like the style that they are playing. Up tempo, in your face, two forecheckers at almost every possible chance and it's fun to see. I know it's just scrimmages against your own team (etc., etc.) but man the kids are hitting, scoring some hilight reel goals, the goalies are making some unbelievable saves. I have to say that this is probably one of the best training camps I've seen in a long time and there aren't a lot of players that "don't" belong here (by that I mean some of the younger players are keeping pace with the veterans and in some cases making the veterans look average). I believe that the Pats as they are right now are headed in the right direction and if they compete each and every night like they have been through 2 days of camp.... I think that they will worry many a team in the WHL. I'm in no way saying that I believe that they are Memorial Cup contenders (yet) but after a 23 win campaign last season, I wouldn't be surprised to see the team make huge strides and make the playoffs. I know people will think that I'm crazy or out there but I believe that the Pats will make the playoffs.

Okay I said I wasn't going to comment on any individual players performance but I do have a couple of thoughts.

During the first scrimmage in the evening a father and his disabled son (Tristan) came to watch the festivities. I guess that Garrett Mitchell is his favourite Pat player. Garrett just so happened to be sitting in the stands and the kid saw him and called out "Garrett! Garrett!!". Garrett took it upon himself to come up and talk to Tristan. He talked with him for a little bit when Tristan reached into his backpack and pulled out Pats player cards. He just so happened to have Garrett's card and asked if he would sign it (this was happening within 10 feet of me so I couldn't help but notice), at that point I started watching the play again but noticed that Garrett left.... I thought that Tristan had his autograph and all was good. Within a couple of minutes I see Garrett scaling the glass behind the players box and in his hand was a marker to sign Tristans card (I guess he didn't have a pen with him). Once the card was signed Tristan asked for a hug from Garrett and a hug was given. HUGE props to Garrett, I honestly don't know how many kids would have went out of their way like that for an autograph. Good job!

Now a couple notes a couple of notes about the scrimmages. Olstad appeared to get injured on a hit by Grey #36 early in the third period on the B/G scrimmage. Mitchell was hitting everyone and everything and being hit but everyone and everything.... he was flying around out there.
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