2010 Goalies

From my training camp perspective..... Here are my thoughts on the early goings.

Goalie Situation: From what I have seen I would have to say that the goaltenders are going to be status quo. I still am not convinced that either one is a true number 1’s but they are both capable.

Damien Ketlo hasn’t done anything to cost him his job as #1. He hasn’t looked good and he hasn’t looked bad. He’s battled and like I said I don’t think he has done anything to cost him his title as #1.

Dawson Guhle got better each scrimmage. He’s amazing low in the net but I’m a bit scared of his blocker side but he’s definitely improving. I do think that if Ketlo falters at all it’s Guhle’s job to take.

Matt Hewitt looked good at times and I am impressed with his poise in the net. I think he did a decent job and if the situation was a bit different he might have a chance.

Tanner Burghardt has A LOT of promise and I think he will be a good one once he gets a chance. Has been sent to SMAAAHL for the year to play for the Saskatoon Blazers.

I’ve been informed that the Pats have listed another prospect names Adam Beukeboom. I don’t know much about him and he wasn’t at camp.

Depth Chart:
Ketlo (91)
Guhle (92)
Hewitt (92)
Burghardt (95) - playing AAA midget
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