2010 Defenders

This group was a little tougher to gauge. Past Carlson, Davidson, Bell and Blidstrand I think it’s a competition for the remaining 3 or 4 spots (depending how many d they keep around).  Spooner, Borstmayer, Pavkovich, Peel, Whelan, Sparrow all have a chance to make the club in some capacity. I don’t think it’s as clean cut as it seems. I guess it depends what GM Lang is expecting or wanting.

Brandon Davidson comes back as the teams #1 defenceman.  He has looked good in camp and has improved immensely. Look for him to be our top shut down guy and probably lead the defence in points.

Cody Carlson when paired Davidson will make the teams top defence pair and get top minutes on the powerplay and put up some nice numbers.

Myles Bell has come in this season bigger, meaner and I would take a guess that he is tougher. I don’t expect him to put up huge numbers.... yet (next year)..... but could surprise.  I don’t see him playing the powerplay much but I think he will be the top penalty kill d-man.

Ricard Blidstrand will most likely play the left side of the second pair alongside Bell. He has a HUGE shot and will be a perfect fit for the powerplay. Once he gets more acclimatized to the WHL he will be a top d-man on the club.

After the top 4 (in my eyes) the competition is wide open...
Mitch Spooner I would think is on the next pairing (#5) as he showed a big offensive upside but his defensive game is suspect. I think he would anchor the 2nd powerplay unit.

Tyler Borstmayer is so tall and lanky. I don’t think he has improved much but he’s 17 and still growing. He’s only going to get better. I really like his upside. I think he’s good for a spot in the top six.

Travis Sparrow is in tough I would say. Due to his age and his skating I just think he might be on the outside looking in.

Tyler Pavkovich in my opinion has made this team. He is a shut down defenceman that is 2 years the junior of Sparrow.

Landon Peel from what I saw had a disappointing camp but had a good go of things during the rookie blue/white game. I was hoping that he would have come in and lit it up.

Sean Whelan looked pretty good for what I saw of him. He never made many mistakes and is pretty mobile.

Kyle Burroughs and Colby Williams are impressive 15 year olds! Watch out next year.

Depth Chart:

1st pair: Davidson-Carlson
2nd pair: Blidstrand-Bell


I'm working on the forwards. I should have them up later tonight or tomorrow morning.