Friday, October 22, 2010


....Spirited tussle between Dyson Stevenson and Jordan Peddle. Lots of good shots.... I won't call a winner.... It was a good scrap.

....Former Pat Killian Hutt was awarded a Penalty Shot at the 3:17 mark.... I was worried but Ketlo played it perfectly and was able to keep it out of the 4x6.

....The shots are not indicative of the period. Swift out shot the Pats 21-6. If the Pats would shoot more on their PP the shots would be a lot closer.

....I'm concerned with the Pats PP.... I wonder if the Pats hired Jim Daly to coach our special teams (I'M KIDDING).... The cross ice pass through the crease is NOT working.... I'm sure they are aware and trying to fix it but seriously players like Weal have the puck in the slot but he's trying to pass off to Ashton or Frazee.... He needs to shoot.

Short and sweet.... I will be back after the game.


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short bus said...

Noticed a few things.

- Ketlo is too passive in the crease. There were a couple times where the puck is sitting 2 feet outside the crease and he could poke it away from the player reeling down on him, and he instead lets the player get possession and a shot on goal. In general, he needs to learn how to play the puck. I'm not sure why the goalie coach hasn't said anything, since thats pretty much his job.

- I really like the additions of Bidlevski and Pavkovich. The two would form a pretty good shutdown pair.

Pavkovich is like a younger Sparrow with better decision making skills and instincts. Great on the PK tonight. And from what I saw, Bidlevskii is the physical dman we need. He kept the Eakin line at bay pretty well tonight with a couple nice hits on the kid himself.

- And by the way, stevenson totally won the fight. Peddle was trying to pull him down half the time just to end the fight. Dyson got the best shots in too.

Kevin Shaw said...

I agree with your statements on Ketlo. But you have to give him credit he played amazing and I would have to say played his best game as a Pat tonight.

I've liked Pavkovich since last years training camp and I'm glad he's getting a shot. In my opinion he helps complete a decent defence. Then you add Bidlevskii and it makes the defence that much better. Pair them up or keep them apart..... they seem to be able to work with almost any d partner.

With the fight.... I never really like calling a "winner" and I'm not sure why. Both were willing combatants and put on a good show. Stevenson is probably one of my favourites.