Post game thoughts

Damien Ketlo had his best game as a Pat and was rewarded with the shutout. I have to give him credit for making the saves when they were needed. Great game by Damien picking up his first career shutout (crazy thing.... if you look at the WHL website it says that he had seven last year and 2 the year before.... I'm thinking that is a typo.

I would also have to say that Carter Ashton played his best game of the season. He just seems so snake bitten.... he's going to break out of his funk (I know he had a snipe tonight) and start lighting it up. Another good game by his line mate Thomas Frazee but he too seems snake bitten so many chances but not much to show for it.

I'm really liking Colin Reddin's edge he brings to the game.... he's fast and chippy and has some amazing hands. I honestly think that we have a Greg Pankewicz #2 on the Pats.... Dyson Stevenson. Anyone remember Panky? Dyson is a very similar style of player (maybe not as many goals but he's young).

People who saw the game can take what they want from it so I won't get into saying much about individual players other than what I've typed already.

I would have to say that the Pats played a full 60-ish minute effort tonight and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Tons of effort by the whole team tonight.

I've been a bit critical of coach Hunt (as have many people on message boards, around the rink, on blogs) but I think that he coached a really good game. He got everyone involved in the game early and often. In the third period he even only shortened his bench by two players (Peel and Sagen) and it didn't appear that too many were double shifted. I like the fact that Ouellette, Rieder, Peel and Pavkovich are getting duty on the PK (some more than others) and it keeps them in the game and keeps the top guys fresher. I'm also liking the fact Stephenson is on the PP this kid is fast and knows what he's doing with the biscuit.

One more thought.... Jordan Weal was by far the best player out there tonight. Man that kid is all over the place and if he could cash in on his chances he could have had at least 3 or 4 goals the last couple of games.

That's it for tonight,

on October 23, 2010 by Kevin Shaw |