More Notes

....I know I'm going to jinx it but the first period was probably the best the Pats have played. Shots are 10-2.

....I think Art Bidlevskii is one of Chad Lang's key acquisitions. He may be a defensive player but methinks that is what the Pats needed. So far he's plus 1.

....Landon Peel was out on the PK.... Good for him. He's done good. Tyler Pavkovich should be a regular.

....The powerplay had lots of time and opportunities but seemed to 'out-cycle' themselves and not get enough shots to the net.

....I have a new pet peeve at Pats games: when the PA announcer asks people to rise for the anthem.... They don't ask people to remove their head wear.... I understand that people should know to take their hats off as a respect thing for or men and women of the armed forces.... But some need a reminder. I know lots of people don't care but c'mon take your hat off. That's the end of my mini-rant.

Hopefully the Pats can keep it up. I'll check in next intermission.


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on October 22, 2010 by Kevin Shaw |