my internet at home is still acting up.

What have I missed?

The Pats pulled off the win in Calgary despite what sounded like a lacklustre effort especially in the second period. I didn't watch the game due to my ongoing internet issues so I was only able to listen to it so I can't make any judgements on the penalty calls in the seven powerplay barrage the Hitmen had limiting the Pats to 1 shot in the frame. This year's Pats battled through and scored two late goals to get the game to OT and then to the shootout where it seems like Jordan Weal is still money in the circus.

What did Chandler Stephenson do to get 2 games as a scratch? I wonder if he'll play in Edmonton tonight.

Matt Marantz sounded as though he fit in right away. I also noticed something on the WHL site.... he's wearing an 'A' already? Wow. That must be some leadership he brings to the table. It's too bad the Pats let him go in the first place (was once listed by the Pats). Edit: I'm thinking that Marantz doesn't have an 'A' on his jersey and that it's a WHL.ca mistake.

I know he's only had 7 starts this year but Matt Hewitt has shaved nearly 2 goals against off of his GAA totals from last year. He's also increased his his Save Percentage by 34 points. I've been impressed with him and his aggressive play and his netminding is getting stronger as the games go on.

Is Dyson Stevenson the second coming of Greg Pankewicz? I don't know but I think they are very similar. Well this is for those of you that know who Greg is.

This weekend is going to test this Pats team. Edmonton looks very strong and the Pats didn't do well against them last season. Red Deer on Saturday will be another huge matchup, even though the Rebels are 4-3 they always battle hard.

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P.S. hopefully I have a working internet this weekend so I can watch the games. I will have more later (work and time permitting).
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