I think I may have opened....

a proverbial can of worms with one of my last posts.

I have been struggling to come up with answers for many of the questions I brought up. It's tough to answer most of the questions but I guess I said that I would have more to say and I will have it right now.

This wasn't one of my original questions but I thought that I would address this now.

What do I think Curtis Hunt's status will be for next year?

In all honesty I don't have a real opinion on this matter as I guess I've come to accept the status quo with the Pats. Three seasons in a row not making the playoffs is unacceptable (2 with Hunt at the helm)... and the first time it has happened in the HISTORY of the Pats. I have to say that I think Curtis is a real stand up guy and seems to try to deflect the criticism of the players to himself but at times last season listening to him on the radio during pre-game shows and post gamers it felt like he had ran out of options as to how to guide the players. I'm wondering if he maybe got a bit burnt out during the last two seasons. Shaun Sutter sounded like a player that has just become a coach as many of his post game talks were cliche filled ('chipping pucks'), he still sounded like a player. Give him some time and I believe he will be a really good coach.

I heard on the radio the other day that Hunt has one more year on his contract and Sutter's contract is up in the next couple of months.

I may sound foolish but why not give Hunt another crack at the team and if it doesn't work out make the change. He still has another year left and the team is still going to be in re-build mode.

The popular opinion seems to be that the Pats need to make a coaching change and I see why. There are a lot of talented coaches out there that deserve a chance.

To be honest.... I'm a little but apathetic about the coaches. I guess I've been a bit brain-washed and whatever happens..... happens. Just make the decision soon so we can move on to 2011/12.

I hope that made sense.... my thoughts are a little over the place.

Happy Birthday to former Pats:
Jim McGeough, Craig Endean and Killian Hutt