Man it’s been one of those weeks….. back to work after having two weeks off…. month end…. year end…. utter craziness at work. But the week is now all but over and it looks like I missed a couple of events in Patville. And with the sad news of Bill Maluta passing away just made my week that much worse. Hopefully the weekend is better.

….. I see that the Pats are having a all-star type skills competition with media types and a pee wee team being involved that should be fun. I’m hoping to attend. In all honesty I’m wondering who has the hardest shot on the Pats. To think about it I’m also curious who’s faster Lee Jones or Rod Pedersen…. Haha.

More information can be found here: http://reginapats.com/article/prairie-mobile-pats-skills-competition

….. Dane Muench being re-assigned doesn’t surprise me one bit. Once he was hurt he didn’t seem to be able to get himself back into the lineup especially with the moves that GM Lang has made. I wish Dane all the best.

You can read more here: http://reginapats.com/article/pats-re-assign-muench

I’m looking forward to listening to the game tonight. I want to see if the Pats TEAM can keep things rolling and keep the ship going in the right direction.

Pats @ Rebels tonight!

I see we have a few injuries…. Moser is out with a knee injury (day-to-day)…. Pavkovich is out with a concussion (indefinite)…. Stephenson (leg) is out with a leg injury (day-to-day). But I think the rest of the kids can pick it up until these guys are healthy.

I’d post all the game notes but you can just check the Pats website here: http://reginapats.com/article/pats-hit-the-road

I will have more as the day/weekend goes on.

Thanks for reading.

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