Live Blog: Pats v Rebels - Third Period


....Borstmayer gets called for interference at 1:58. Red Deer to the powerplay.

.... Davidson gets boarded behind the Pats goal by Elson. Stevenson jumps in and is willing to go. The gloves come off and they grab each other and both fall to the ice without a punch thrown.

....Archer picks up a delay of game penalty for shooting the puck over the glass and the Pats get a PP. I missed the time of the call.

....The Pats get a couple of opportunities 3 or 4 shots but can't buy a goal.

....Rebels make it 6 zip scoring on a bad bounce off the glass. Hewitt was laying flat to try and cover it and the Rebel grabbed the puck and shot it in the open net. Persson gets the goal Borejko and Nugent-Hopkins pick up the apples at 16:33 (I think).

....It is over! 6-0 Final. 32-24 final shots for the Rebels.

.... More thoughts.... maybe later.
on January 15, 2011 by Kevin Shaw |