Event #5: Breakaway Competition

For each goal scored here it gets added to the team total. Ketlo and Hewitt are netminders for the Media and the Pats. Kade Smith and Carter Scrochenski are the netminders for the Blackhawk shooters.

In the order that the players shot...
R: Kyle Borsa NO
W: Noah Zerff GOAL
R: Jayden Simpkins NO
W: Andy Belitski NO
R: Josh Gaetz NO
W: Jaxon Blaus NO
R: Riley Breti NO
W: Dylan Ford NO
R: Kyle Ford NO
W: Avery Buckle GOAL
B: Hodges GOAL
W: Levi Petrinchuk NO
B: Meyers GOAL
W: Mason Kraushar NO
B: Ouellette NO
W: Pedersen NO
W: Jones NO
B: Borstmayer NO
W: Bidlevskii NO
B: Scheidl NO
W: Mikael NO
B: Olstad NO
W: Stevenson NO
B: Bell GOAL
W: Sagen NO
B: Blidstrand NO
W: Schneider NO
B: Mitchell NO
W: Neigum NO
B: Reddin NO
W: Martell NO
B: Ouellette NO
W: Weal NO
W: Davidson NO

13-13 TIE!

Tie Breaker:
Bell for Blue and Weal for White.
Bell scores on his attempt. Weal is stopped.

Blue wins the Skills Competition 14-13
on January 17, 2011 by Kevin Shaw |