Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Carter Ashton invited to Canada's WJ Tryouts

If you haven't already heard or read.... Carter Ashton has been invited to try out for team Canada. In my opinion it's well deserved. He's been impressive the last while.... just needed to get going. When he's on he's a beast. Congratulations on the invite.

With this happening.... what now? Does Chad trade him now while his value is pretty decent? Or does he keep him and wait until the WJ's are over (assuming that Carter makes the team) when his value will be even higher? The Pats seemed like they paid a huge price for Ashton..... and the way the season is going (2nd last in the conference as I type this) is it worth keeping him around and try to make a push for the playoffs or do we want to help get set up for the next few seasons? Lots of questions that will need to be answered.

I'm going to reserve my opinion for a bit.... we'll see how they do this weekend.... maybe they can turn the ship around.

Stay tuned.
I'm hoping that the road trip has brought the guys closer and that they are able to get everyone going in the same direction.

They need to stop allowing 4+ goals against per game every night. I think that the defence is there for the most part but something is missing. I can't pinpoint it but something just isn't right. I feel for our goalies that are constantly facing 30-35 shots a game.

I'll have more later.