Thoughts.... Short and sweet

I'm not even going to mention last weekends games because they weren't great ones to watch.
I'm starting to really like the Carlson for Bidlevskii deal. The Pats are getting something that they want/need and I can't wait to see Art in the lineup. Heal up quick!
I can sum up the RD/Pats game in one word: Disappointing! It was such a good game to watch but it was disappointing to see the Pats implode on themselves in the third.

The Pats totally had the game in their grasp but for some reason the grasp got a bit loosened and Red Deer took advantage (might I say that RD is a pretty darn good team). The officiating was questionable at best... called a lot of iffy penalties and missed some blatant ones on both sides of the rink.... I'm not sure what he was watching out there at times. Bell and Weal are awesome parts of the team. Frazee is getting better each game. Guhle is facing some unfair criticism in my opinion. Davidson probably played 35+ minutes and was good. Peel, Stephenson and Jung are getting better shift by shift.
What is up with Ashton? Is he trying to fight his way off the team? He's supposed to be scoring goals and crashing and banging not fighting all the time. Ok one of his scraps he was standing up for our 16 year old (by fighting another 16 year old). He sits in the box for 22 minutes.... what good is he doing? I wish he would channel his energy and get going offensively.
That's it for tonight. time for some shut eye.


on October 07, 2010 by Kevin Shaw |