Overager thoughts....

I was just looking at the poll I had posted last week and I have come to a conclusion that people aren't too happy with our current 20-year old situation. With the acqusition of Colin Reddin I think that has gone a long way to aleviate the problem. 43% of voters wanted a centre to come in and Reddin is just that a centre. I don't think that's the move people were hoping Lang would do.... but it's a start.

The defence situstion received 31% of the vote and I also think that this is appropriate. Our defenders are in need of a leader.... a big physical stay at home dman..... Someone that can aleviate some of the pressure on our younger/returning defencemen.

The one that sorta caught me by surprise was the 19% that voted to get an overage goalie. I do think that our netminding can be improved but at what price? Ketlo is 19 and Guhle is 18.... with the new guy in town Hewitt also being 18. How would an overage fit? Would he really be that much better to burn an OA spot? With Adam Beukeboom in town and only being 16 a 20 year old doesn't make any sense.

on September 09, 2010 by Kevin Shaw |