Looking Ahead: Forwards (The Younger Guys)

It's now time for the forwards. I'm going to go from youngest to oldest this go-around.

The Pats have five 1995 born players on their list, four were drafted in the 2010 Bantam Draft and one was listed. As I have barely seen these guys in action I'm going to reserve most of my thoughts until Training Camp but I will point out a few things.

Demico Hannoun (9th round, 181st overall)
5.08, 150
Delta, BC
Played for the North Delta Sun Devils Bantam AAA but I couldn't find any stats. He also played in 2 games for the Greater Vancouver Canadians Midget AAA picking up 2 penalty minutes.

Brett Harris (5th round, 102nd overall)
5.10, 160
108 Mile Ranch, BC
Played for the Notre Dame Hounds (Bantam) collecting 20-17-37 in just 16 games while adding 10 penalty minutes. He apparently missed the last half of the season with an injury. Was a highly regarded player for the Draft but his injury must have scared a few teams away. If he is as good as people say he could be a legit steal of a pick.

Dryden Hunt (list player)
5.05, 133
Nelson, BC
Played with Harris in Notre Dame for the Hounds (Bantam) picking up some respectable totals of 30-27-57 in 35 games while piling up 41 penalty minutes in the process. He also got into 4 games with the Argos Midget AAA team collecting 1 assist and 2 penalty minutes. One note I will make is that his height/weight listing must be off as he isn't that small. Saw him at spring camp and this kid has some wheels and seems to have pretty good hands.

Morgan Klimchuk (1st round, 5th overall)
5.10, 155
Calgary, AB
Played last season with the Calgary Bisons of the AMBHL tallying 33 goals and 19 assists in 28 games while attaining 44 minutes in the sin bin. I read somewhere that he was the captain of his Bantam team which adds to his character. While at Spring Camp I really focused on him and I was thoroughly impressed. He has some killer speed and looks to be a legit sniper. I can't wait to see him in a Pats uniform on a regular basis.

Ty McLean (4th round, 91st overall)
5.08, 150
Redvers, SK
Played for the Moose Mountain Wild Bantam collecting 57-33-90 in just 25 games and added 28 penalty minutes. Those are some pretty outstanding numbers. From the little I have seen of him he reminds me of a Todd Davison type of skater. Has got some legit skill and doesn't seem to shy away from the walls. I look forward to seeing him at main camp with the big boys.

The 1994 group is a little bit undermanned with only 3 players on this part of the list.

Garrett Lockeridge (9th round, 182nd overall in 2009)
5.10, 175
Regina, SK
Played last season with the Pat Canadians collecting 5 goals and 2 assists to go along with 116 penalty minutes in 41 games. He doesn’t seem overly offensively talented but that could change as he matures. One thing for sure is that he is a real crash and bang winger who seems to like the rough and tough game.

Jack Rodewald (8th round, 160th overall in 2009)
6.00, 160
Winnipeg, MB
Played with the Notre Dame Argos in the SSMHL last season. He collected 19-27-36 in 32 games and added 32 penalty minutes as well. I have yet to get a good read on him. I kept my eye on him at last year’s camp and he looked good at times and could compete with the bigger and faster players and at other times looked like wasn’t anywhere close to competing at that level. I do think he could be a late bloomer and have a good chance at with another year of midget.

Chandler Stephenson (1st round, 5th overall in 2009)
5.09, 170
Saskatoon, SK
Played Midget AAA as a 15 year old with the Saskatoon Contacts collecting 17 goals and adding 37 assists for 54 points in 42 games. He also added 34 penalty minutes. He kept up his stellar play in the playoffs collecting 19 points in just 11 games (5-14) and added 4 penalty minutes. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say he is as good as advertised. I honestly have to compare him to Weal and Eberle talent-wise.... I’m not saying that he will rack up the points like the 2 Jordans did but I do have to say the talent level is definitely there. He’s a sniper and a playmaker that isn’t afraid of the front of the net. I look forward to see him in the Red, White and Blue for the 2010-11 season.

Now for the 1993’s....

First up we have Ryan Baskerville (6.00, 160) who was drafted 168th overall in 2008 (8th round). Has looked good in previous camps and seems to be more of gritty player. He had 9 goals and 7 assists in 31 games (with 54 penalty minutes) while playing with the Edmonton Knights of Columbus Pats (the right team.... maybe that’s a good thing). I’m looking to see him compete for a spot at this years’ camp.

Next we have list player AJ Fossen (5.10, 200) from Maple Grove, Minnesota. I really liked him last year at camp; he seemed to have a good knack around the net. He has some decent size and had some pretty good numbers playing for Spring Lake Park High School 20-17-37 in 25 games. He must use his size as he picked up 74 penalty minutes as well.

Michael Sagen (6.00, 186) is up next. Played for the Saskatoon Contacts and had 16-15-31 in 42 games to go along with 63 penalty minutes. From what I have read he steadily improved as the season went along and carried his strong play into the playoffs where he collected another 8 goals and 4 assists in 11 games with 4 penalty minutes. From last training camp last year to spring camp this year he looked like he grew a good couple of inches and looked to have put on some size.... maybe the next Pats power forward?

Last but not least in the 1993 age category is Dyson Stevenson (5.11, 155). He made quite the impression in his one game stint with the Pats. Played last season with Swift Current in the Sask. Midget Hockey League playing in 26 games collecting 18-22-40 to go along with 64 penalty minutes. Methinks with his performance last year he has the inside track to be one of the 2010-11 Pats rookies. He has some serious talent, decent speed and from the looks of it isn`t afraid to get rough and tumble.

So a quick list of the Younger forwards looks like this:
Ryan Baskerville (1993)
AJ Fossen (1993)
Michael Sagen (1993)
Dyson Stevenson (1993)
Garrett Lockeridge (1994)
Jack Rodewald (1994)
Chandler Stephenson (1994)
Demico Hannoun (1995)
Brett Harris (1995)
Dryden Hunt (1995)
Morgan Klimchuk (1995)
Ty McLean (1995)

Up next..... Forwards: The Older Guys
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