Looking Ahead: Defence (The Older Guys)

I don't know about you but I think that the Pats defense corps is missing something (or is missing something) but I really can't put my finger on the main concern. And please don't give me the "Teubert's gone so our defence will be better" garbage. He was far from our main concern on the defensive end of things. Many a night it was a team effort. Trying to win through fire-wagon hockey with only a couple of scorers makes the defence and goaltending look bad. Hopefully things can turn around.

Well looking at the list provided to me the only 1990 born defenceman on the list is Colten Teubert. I highly doubt he will be back. I think that the Kings will find somewhere for him to play in their system. If he does happen to come back I think he could be a bit of a stabilizer in the d-end.... or fetch a player in return via trade.

Looking at the group of 1991's...... As there is only four I will go alphabetically through them (it's easier).

Cody Carlson is a decent defender but lacks size and it showed at times last season when the opposition forwards had their way in the d-zone (but then again.... that happened to them all). I think he will be a good veteran presence on the blueline that can be a point man on the PP.

Brandon Davidson almost came out of nowhere to be the Pats best defenceman last year as a rookie. He will only get better. As a 19 year old he will definitely anchor the Pats blueline and he proved that he is willing to kill penalties and although he only lit the lamp once he did gain 34 points in 59 games. I look forward to seeing his totals improve.

Travis Sparrow in my opinion will be in tough to make the team especially as a 19 year old. At times he looked like he could be the prototypical stay-at-home defenceman that could take care of his own end but unfortunately those times were few and far between. At times he looked totally lost. But then again I'm just watching from the stands..... Although when he played forward for a few games I was thinking that he could be a great crash and banger..... but when the third and fourth liners are playing less than 10 shifts a game..... Yeah that's it with that.

I know I said I was going to go alphabetically but I figured that I would leave this name to last as it intrigues me. Last but not least for the 1991 age group is Alex Pym! Remember him? I didn't expect to see him still on the Pats list but he's there. I don't know what happened last season to cause him to leave the team (I can guess many things) but I thought the Pats missed his veteran presence out on the ice. I really don't know what happened to him from the start of the year when he was amazing and looked to have stepped his game up a notch but something happened. Once the regular season started his playing time declined and so did his game. I don't know if he stayed in shape and is willing to come back and give it another go or if the Pats are waiting to trade his rights but I wouldn't be upset if he came back to give the Pats another go.

The only 1992 born defenceman is Mitch Spooner and I think that he will be a keeper. He showed signs that he is capable of playing hard in the d-zone but isn't scared to fire the puck when called upon. I would say that he is a very raw talent and with proper guidance he could be a potent offensive threat.

So the Pats Older D looks like:

Teubert (1990)
Carlson (1991)
Davidson (1991)
Pym (1991)
Sparrow (1991)
Spooner (1992)