Congrats to the States on the WJ gold

They put on a show against our Canadians. It was such an amazing game. I am speechless at the moment.

Jordan Eberle - You did us Pats fans proud with all your late game heroics... too bad there wasn't one more. As Gord Miller said "Can you believe it?" Yes I can.

Colten Teubert - No matter what people say.... I think you had a good tournament and took some unfair criticism (last year and this year). You did us Pats fans proud.

Silver is nothing to sneeze at!

Anyway that's about all I've got for tonight.


Also, as I mentioned in my last post I was going to post some thoughts but have yet to. I jotted some things down in a notebook that I have misplaced. I will have something soon regarding the state of the Pats from my perspective.