Quick note from Friday....

I was at camp tonight and man it was nice to get back to the rink to watch Pats hockey. The rookie squads looked like rookies (some were actually really good) and it really felt like a Bantam/Midget game. The "Vets" got out there and it actually looked like WHL caliber hockey. I just wish I knew which player was which... I figured out 2/3 of the main camp players so it's harder to comment on their play when I was just trying to figure out who was who.

Whomever was 23 for Grey (main) got smacked along the far boards and was helped off the ice and didn't return, it appeared as though it was a leg injury.
Edit: #23 Gray is Jason Gardiner and I found out that it wasn't as serious as they first thought.... Good news for Jason.

on August 21, 2009 by Kevin Shaw |