1938-39 Season

Since it is getting close to the 09-10 season.... I figured I would cram a whole bunch of old rosters on my blog (and I can add stats and standings at a later time).

Regina Abbotts, Moose Jaw Canucks and Notre Dame Hounds made up the local league.

Regina Abbotts Coach: Bert McGillivray
Stubbs (Stubby) Mason (g), Andy Lambrecht, Bob Polley, Bob (Scotty) Livingstone, Dick Gray, Alec (Sandy) Sandalak, Bill (Red) Tillson, Hank Rouse, Allen Hudson, Geo Bell, Grant Warwick, Louis Falardeau, Art Amon, George Carter, Sandring, Chuck Lavery, Alf Kunkel, Steward

Notre Dame Hounds
Dalton Dwyer (g), Garth Boesch, Art Bates, Fred Weist, Bob Weist, George Cassidy, Bill Hawthorne, Allen Foster, Vince Fahlman, Vern Riley, Fred Hector, Dunc Grant Sr., Red Grassley, Red Browne, Marshall Brown, Ken Garvin, Glen Miller

Moose Jaw Canucks Coach: Gord (Gymie) McMillan
John Jones (g), Walt Hamilton, Gord Walter, Ted Shepherd, Walt (Blackie) McCormick, Fergus Grieve, Bob (Zeke) Clements, Bert Whitmore, Les Wilson, George Kemp, Ken Gunter, Don Wickens, Ross Archibald, Norm Nichol, Gord Hedley, Bill Emerson, Les Walter, Joe Metke

More rosters to follow.

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