Rowat & Leffler re-enter NHL draft pool

A really good article by Greg Harder on the LP website on Rowat and Leffler's thoughts on the draft and what they will possibly be up to next year.

The story can be found here: Pats players enter NHL draft a second time

I wish them both luck but the odds seem to be stacked against them. Two former Pats have been drafted twice:

Stu Grimson
Selected by Detroit Red Wings round 10 #186 overall 1983 NHL Entry Draft
Selected by Calgary Flames round 7 #143 overall 1985 NHL Entry Draft

Boyd Kane
Selected by Pittsburgh Penguins round 3 #72 overall 1996 NHL Entry Draft
Selected by New York Rangers round 4 #114 overall 1998 NHL Entry Draft

With that being said.... anything is possible.

on June 26, 2009 by Kevin Shaw |