Sunday, May 10, 2009

More on the Pats coaching change....

I've been pondering Brent Parker's "options" for the next Pats coach.... While I don't think Curtis Hunt will be the one to get the Pats (us) to the "next" level... although he brings a winning formula with him. He is a good coach but is very defensive minded and the hockey is somewhat boring. I saw a comment on another blog the other day but I can't seem to find it but it went something like... "do you want excitement or do you want wins." I only wish we could have both excitement AND wins but I don't think Hunt brings both to the table. I honestly wouldn't be too sad if he was the teams coach but I reallllllly hope that Parker sees fit to think outside the box and give the job to a worthy candidate.... whether it is Hunt or someone else.

In my opinion Michael Dyck would be a perfect fit for the Pats. He's a former player, he's been a coach in the WHL for years and he brings a winning attitude with him. After reading in the LeaderPost that he is eyeing the Pats job I really love this quote "It would be a phenomenal opportunity — a really good organization, obviously a very good group of players that are coming back. Any time you get an opportunity to work with one of the top organizations in the league you definitely have to be interested."

Edit: Now that Lethbridge has fired their GM maybe Dyck is no longer available as he was never fired. His contract wouldn't be renewed at the end of May. Maybe now that Stasiuk is out in Lethbridge.... Is Michael Dyck still the coach of the Hurricanes? What a gong show.

I just saw today on Rod's blog that he has a poll that who should be the next coach.... His options are Hunt, Dyck, Norm Johntson, Other. NORM JOHNSTON NO THANKS! I remember the year he coached the Pats and my goodness that would not be a good situation in my opinion. I told my dad about the Johnston and he said "there would be one less season ticket holder." enough said.

Some names have been brought up but I don't see any of them making the proverbial "cut" to be Pats coach.... Chad Mercier, Dean Brockman, Marc Habscheid, Boris Rybalka, Jeff Truitt, Ted Nolan, Dean Chynoweth just to name a few. I think that Parker has his sights set on Hunt but nothing would surprise me.