Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 1 Thoughts Veterans

Sitting and trying to figure out who is who is hard enough for the rookies but when it comes to the veterans I was able to pick out quite a few players and have a few quick thoughts. I will definitely have a better grasp at what we are looking at the end of the day today.

Brandon Davidson - still as steady/rock-solid as he has been, looked like he has gained some size

Lyndon Martell - still doesn't have the wheels but man his knack around the net is pretty crazy

Jordan Weal - is still Jordan Weal

Trent Oullette - seems to have gotten a bit faster and has looked good on a line with Weal

Mikael Jung - is showing that he deserves some consideration to be playing on a top line, the kid can snipe

Jack Rodewald - looks like he has grown a bit, looking more like a power forward this year

Andrew Rieder - haven't really noticed anything fancy from him, just a bunch of grit

Michael Sagen - reminds me of a left handed shooting Rodewald (maybe not as fast)

Art Bidlevskii - looked a bit rusty early on but picked up his physical side of the game in the second scrimmage

Landon Peel - is back and doesn't look like he's grown any but his skills haven't changed, for his size he's very good

Brandon Underwood - is a large individual and is definitely here for the rough and tumble aspect, took a few point shots and I must admit that they were on target and most resulted in scoring opportunities

Garrett Mitchell - is Garrett Mitchell

Tanner Olstad - still tiny, still fast, still can skate, he's going to have a great season

Dominik Volek - has some great stickhandling abilities, had a pretty nasty shot and looks to be playing centre

Lane Scheidl - I'm glad he's getting a full training camp, from what I've seen last year and so far this camp (I know it's early) he's going to be a point producer

Chandler Stephenson - seems faster and has a good shot, I hope he gets tons of ice. The kid is skilled

Dyson Stevenson - elusive, and has some underrated speed and has a really good shot

Tyler Borstmayer - looks like he has put on some weight. I'm not sure if that translates into being faster but he did look good at times during both scrimmages

Brody Luhning - I know he's not a "veteran" but I think he's a decent defenceman. He is a WHL veteran and could help out with the kids on the Pats staff, he's not very big but looks like he can move the puck really well

I know I missed a few veterans, I hope to get to them today.

Day 2 coming up soon!


Anonymous said...

is Pavkovich still injured?

Kevin Shaw said...

I'm not totally sure of Pavkovich's situation. He may still be injured but I've been told that he wasn't coming in for camp.