Day 1 Thoughts Rookies

I really wish I knew which player was which. It's a guessing game out there for many a player.

I thought that the first scrimmage started off kinda slow but the pace increased and the tempo seemed to elevate. Usually when the rookies are on the ice there are a few players that really stand out and are head and shoulders above the rest, I don't think I can really say that this year. Many of the rookies look like they belong with the veterans out there. In my opinion the Pats have a really good crop of kids coming up.

The second scrimmage started off where the first one ended with both teams doing their best to take the play to the other. Some of the kids really started stepping up and I'm guaranteeing that the future is bright.

Some notes about individual players:
4 Grey - Burroughs - amazing poise, amazing mobility, great positioning, probably the teams best rookie defenceman

18 Red - Klimchuk - he's awesome, if/when he gets his chance to shine.... watch out

41 Goalie - Burgardt? - has been solid and has made some really impressive saves

21 Grey - Brooks? - small, skilled and speedy, has an incredible shot for a small guy

25 Grey - Schioler? - big kid, decent wheels and is a passer (passed up a couple of nice opportunities) and scored a nice goal fin-hole in the one scrimmage

19 Red - not super big but seems to be a real finesse player and seems to come up with the puck when you least expect it

32, 34, 36 Red - almost half of Red's defence corps, all seem almost interchangeable and all are over the top talented

44 Grey - hits and skates really well and actually isn't too small

34 Grey - decent size but seemed to be fighting the puck at times showed lots of poise on the back end

47 Goalie - Gora? - plays bigger than he is, has made some really nice saves

43 Goalie - Churchill? - small in stature but has some major league skills, had a couple of blips but that could have been nerves early on

18 Grey - has got some size and always seems to get to the front of the net to get chances

20 Grey - does well in battles along the walls and seems to almost always fish the puck out and get it to the open man

That's about all I have to say about the rookies. I know I didn't get everyone but I will try to get more thoughts tomorrow.

I will get my veteran thoughts up tomorrow morning.

Goodnight all! GO PATS GO!
on August 25, 2011 by Kevin Shaw |