Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pats 4 vs. Blazers 5 (OT)

Kamloops Blazers 5 (OT) At Regina Pats 4 - Status: Final OT
Oct 16, 2009 - Brandt Centre - Regina, SK

Kamloops 1 2 1 1 - 5
Regina 2 1 1 0 - 4

1st Period-1, Kamloops, Shattock 7 (Willick, Stampohar), 11:10. 2, Regina, Hood 2 (Bell, Mulder), 12:36. 3, Regina, Strueby 7 (Hricina, Davidson), 17:24. Penalties-Lyon Kam (major-fighting), 3:03; Gardiner Reg (major-fighting), 3:03; Ranford Kam (charging), 3:39; Hood Reg (slashing), 20:00.

2nd Period-4, Kamloops, Willick 5 (Shattock, Stampohar), 8:09. 5, Kamloops, Stretch 5 (Lipon, Wiebe), 11:44. 6, Regina, Leffler 5 (Eberle, Teubert), 17:09. Penalties-Underwood Kam (cross checking), 2:54; Stebner Kam (tripping), 19:07.

3rd Period-7, Regina, Teubert 2 (Strueby, Metz), 12:28. 8, Kamloops, Trask 7 (Ranford, Bubnick), 14:42 (pp). Penalties-Mulder Reg (holding opp. stick), 12:43.

OT Period-9, Kamloops, Stebner 2 (Stretch), 2:20. Penalties-No Penalties

Shots on Goal-Kamloops 7-11-10-5-33. Regina 15-13-18-0-46.
Power Play Opportunities-Kamloops 1 of 2; Regina 0 of 3.
Goalies-Kamloops, Groenheyde 3-1-1-0 (46 shots-42 saves). Regina, Guhle 3-4-1-0 (33 shots-28 saves).
Referees-Curtis Howe (118), Chad Williams (60).
Linesmen-Javan Bexson (130), Cam Kuffner (31).

Greg Harder's story and blog entry

Blazers steal one in Regina

Kamloops Blazers burn Regina Pats 5-4

Some questionable officiating in this one. I'm not normally one to overly complain about the stripes but I wasn't impressed at all in this one. I still don't understand the reasoning behind the non-goal but good teams should have the ability to overcome any adversity but unfortunatley the Pats weren't able to.

I am starting to really have issues with Guhle as the Pats' netminder of the future (or is it now?). He goes down into the butterfly waaaay too early and lets in some weak goals. He's a good goalie but I think the Pats should give Tendler a shot... I really hope Ketlo is healthy soon.

I hope Hampus gets here soon so maybe the Pats will move Bell back to D and re-arrange their corps. When the game is on the line Hunt only uses 4 d-men anyway so would it even make sense to move a future franchise d-man back to defence? I think so.

I wasn't happy with a few players last night.... I won't mention names but yeah I wasn't impressed.

I did however like how Eberle, Teubert, Delahey, Bell, Mulder, Hood, Davidson (other than one ugly turnover) last night.

I look forward to seeing the game against the Hurricanes.



Anonymous said...

REALLY GRINDS my gears when you critize rookies that have been working hard.
REALLY GRINDS my gears when people comment on games or players and they themselves are not knowlegdgeable about positions. Your not out their playing or couching for a reason.
REALLY GRINDS my gears when people aren't supporting teams hard work. Positive feedback and support will get people farther in life!

Kevin Shaw said...

Wanna now what grinds my gears? Anonymous posters.

But that aside.... Anyone who knows me knows that I never played hockey and I openly admit it. Thank God I'm not a coach I just don't think in this day in age it would be an easy task. My criticism I think is more of a frustration than criticism. I try to be positive but sometimes it's hard. I do believe the players are working hard but sometimes it's hard to see it for whatever reason. I do think some of the players are just starting to get Hunt’s system and the results will come (I really hope).

I do think that Guhle is a good goaltender but do I think he's ready to play every day? I don't. I remember reading that he has never really been coached by a goalie coach and it sometimes it shows. Do I think he's a good goalie? Yes. But just not an everyday #1.... I know he's 17 and been thrust into the limelight so to speak and has performed admirably. I also think that Derek Tendler shouldn’t sit in the SJHL and disappear. I am sorry if I offended you by being a somewhat critical. I try to be positive. I've been a Pats fan my whole life and this is my 30th year as a season ticket holder and I've seen many ups and many downs and I think it's starting to wear on me.

I do try to keep it as positive as I can but some days it's hard. My goal with my blog is to not tick people off.... too much anyway. After listening to what other fans think and say about players my stuff is TAME. Just read the WHL White Board or some of the comments on Rod's blog.... my stuff is nothing compared to that.

Please feel free to email me

Take care,


Mike Kieluk said...

Kevin you do a good job with your blog...keep up the good work!!!!!!

Ron C. Johnston said...


People like that so called Anonymous writer above Kev. I are the kind, who love to knock people like our selves down. Has nothing to good to say. That is the reason I have removed my comment section. It is not worth having on a blog. If anyone wishes to get in touch with me, let them e-mail me.

Keep up the good work Kev. for get about these so called Anonymous writers. If they cannot give their names, omit them.