Quick Update

I don't know how many readers I have left (probably not many) but I have an update.

It's been a hectic last few months as I said goodbye to my dog Pebbles who was with me for almost half of my life. She lived over 19 years and we said goodbye April 2. The rest of the month was not the greatest as I missed her a lot. I still miss her.

Pebbles in 2008

Once May rolled around my mom ended up in the hospital for 26 days and the doctors still aren't sure what happened with her.

At the end of May I realized that I lost my backup external hard drive with a lot of important information on it.

June 4 my boss informed the staff of my workplace that he sold and that we were being laid off.

Last week the new owners asked me to stay on and help out in the transition and with that I now don;t have much time at least for the next couple weeks.

Not the greatest 3 months.


I do have some things that I will be posting soon and I'm sure that some Pats fans may find some of what I will share a little controversial and people will surely discuss it.

Thanks for reading,