Tonight marks just the 5th time in Pats Franchise history that a team has won 48 games (or more).

The previous 4 incarnations happened to come in four consecutive seasons from 1980-81 to 1983-84.

1980-81: 49-21-2
1981-82: 48-24-0
1982-83: 48-24-0
1983-84: 48-23-1

The 2016-17 version is at 48-12-7-1 and still has 4 games left.

For comparison sake let's take a quick look at the previous 4 and their records through the 68 game mark:

1980-81: 46-21-1 (went 3-0-1 to end the season)
1981-82: 44-24-0 (went 4-0-0 to end the season)
1982-83: 46-22-0 (went 2-2-0 to end the season)
1983-84: 45-22-1 (went 3-1-0 to end the season)

If the "trend" were to continue and this years's version of the Pats were to finish off the season with any of those endings, 50 wins in highly attainable.
During the Pats 1973-74 Memorial Cup season the league schedule consisted of 68 games and they finished the season 43-14-11 and if they would have played a 72 game schedule the most wins they could have reached was 47.

Now with that being said I am in no way comparing the 2016-17 Pats to the 1974 Memorial Cup team, I'm just stating the numbers.

Win or lose, one thing that people can't deny is this is season has been so much fun.
I won't update any of the player stats tonight as I think there will be a change or 2 to the scoring.

Goodnight Pats Fans!