On this day in 1982

I'm still working on the direction of The Blueliner but in the meantime I was looking through some notes and found that the Pats played the Tigers on Feb. 5, 1982 and figured that I would share the article.

Article from  Feb. 6th's LeaderPost.

Game Summary.

The Adam Brooks' Regular Season Watch:

1st:352Frank Kovacs

32nd:232Brian Harper

232David Maruca

232Matt Delahey
35th:231Boyd Kane
36th:230Chandler Stephenson
37th:229Adam Brooks

1st:222Dale Derkatch

85th:68John Miner
86th:67L.J. "Duke" Dutkowski

67Gord "Red" Berenson
88th:66Ron Parent

66Russ Hewson
90th:65Adam Brooks

1st:269Dale Derkatch

80th:101Allan Acton

101Derek Morris
82nd:100Darren Bobyck

100Brad Stuart
84th:95Scott Smith
85th:94Dion Zukiwsky

94Adam Brooks

1st:491Dale Derkatch

84th:162Kevin Korol
85th:161Jayson Meyer
86th:160Karel Mosovsky
87th:159Gord Knutson

159Stan Gilbertson

159Perry Johnson

159Adam Brooks
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