Merry Christmas from!

No big spiel from me today. Just want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year!

I do have a couple of quick things:

Did you know?
The Pats have played in one Christmas Day game in their history. It happened all the way back in 1946 when the Pats played the Notre Dame Hounds. The Pats won the game with a 6-3 score.

Goal scorers for the Pats were: Fred Evans and Jimmy Owen each tallied 2 goals. Jim Fairburn and Bill Folk addeded singles.

Del Wilson picked up the Win.

Goal scorers that day for Notre Dame were: Robert Mellor, Jim Hanson and Bill Hryciuk

Cy Huck pucked up the loss.

Happy Birthday to:
Campbell Elyniuk (born in 1992) - played 8 games with the Pats in 2011-12 before being traded to Prince George Cougars.
Chris Johnston (born in 1974) - played for the Pats in 1994-95 picking up 30 points in 21 games after being acquired from Red Deer Rebels,

Also born on Christmas Day:
Len Rae (1910-2007) - played on the 1929-30 Memorial Cup team.
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