It's about time I wrote a blog....

I'm really not sure what I want to say at this point of the season. There have been a few ups and downs but recently there have been more ups than downs and I'm liking it.

I never thought of the Pats as a contender or anything this season and the way they started off I was worried that it was going to be a really long and hard season. I've been a Pats fan my whole life and I really don't remember the early 1980's when the team seemed competitive every season. I don't know what happened to get this boat turned around but it's fun watching the games now.

I know Coach Cameron has been preaching a more puck possession style of play and I think the more highly skilled players (Stephenson, Klimchuk, Leier.....) are benefiting from it.

The acquisition of Leier from Medicine Hat is a steal. I know that the Pats gave up a 2nd round pick but that pick isn't until 2016. No matter who the pick ends up being they won't be in the league for at least another 4 seasons. Many people will forget all about that part of the deal. He's got a real work ethic and can sure find the open areas and can shoot. I like it.

The Pats goaltending has been a sore spot around here for years and was looking like it might be that way yet again. MacAuley has had a few shaky outings but has rebounded wonderfully over the last couple of games and is looking like a legit starter. I don't know if it was a lack of confidence or what it was but I really hope he's turned the corner. I really hope he gets some new pads.... the orange just doesn't look right.

I wish Teagan Sacher all the best it his endeavors. I guess if your heart isn't into something why stick around? I hope he has thought this through for his own sake. Good Luck.

I'm not sure what I think of the acquisition of Mac Engel as an overage goalie. I don't have much to say about his play as I've only seen a hand full of his starts on the television (webtv). I hope he comes in and helps push MacAuley to be a better goalie and in turn makes the Pats that much better. I'm hoping that he comes in with the right mindset and plays his heart out as he is an overage and this might be his proverbial last kick at the can.

Anyway, enough with the rant.