Saturday, September 01, 2012

Day 1 My quick thoughts

I go to training camp expecting to spend the majority of the first 2 scrimmages (and or practices) trying to figure out all of the players and that has been the challenge.... make that the quest for the last many camps. That is until this year. I got comfortably seated with all of my notes ready to take on the challenge of the roster when out of nowhere a guy wearing a Pats golf shirt (Daniel Fink perhaps?) walks by and says "would you like a roster?" With no hesitation I accepted one thinking that it was just the one that has the players heights and weights, etc. But I take the roster and it HAS THE SWEATER NUMBERS already on it.

Let me tell you something.... having the sweater numbers and not playing the "who's that?" game makes the camp much more fun. I've never really been able to just sit and watch the camp. To whoever decided to let the fans have the rosters with sweater numbers. A huge thank you from myself and many of the Pats fans that attend camp every season,

Back to the scrimmages.... I was too busy really just watching to notice much other than a few stand outs.

Adam Brooks is continuing to impress me. Every time I've seen him he just seems to get better. He has some real skill around the front of the net, especially right in front.

Liam Finlay is a small player (5'5, 130) that always seemed to be wherever the puck was and didn't seem to be afraid to get in the gritty spots.

Brady Reagan is a pretty big dude that can skate and seems to be able to take control of almost every shift he plays. He's definitely got the leadership thing.

Chase Harrison, Brendan Kallis, Erik Donald, Griffin Mumby, Bryar Ortynski all stood out for me in the first scrimmage.

With the veterans..... I really wasn't watching the returning guys so much as I was the possible newcomers.

One of the returning guys I paid close attention to was Dryden Hunt. He looks as though he put on some bulk and was throwing his weight around and looks like he's ready to improve his game.

Emil Sylvegard has got size, speed and some definite skill. I think he'll be a welcomed addition.

Cole Hamblin is a huge body (although not super tall... 6'3 is tall but not super tall) that was a surprisingly good skater and really good defensively.

Tristin Reimer, Connor Gay and Ty McLean all looked like they could be reinforcements for our non-returning veteran foot soldiers. All bring some great intangibles.

But like I said earlier actually just sitting back and watching the scrimmages makes it that much more enjoyable.

Time to get ready for day 2.