This past weekend seemed to be the weekend for comebacks. As most of you are aware that the Pats pulled off an almost miracle-like comeback on Saturday coming from 4 goals down to beat the Wheat Kings 6-4. Sunday night was another game that is hard on Pats fans nerves (this one anyway) as the Pats were able to battle back and beat the Raiders 4-3 with the captain scoring with just over 20 seconds left in the game.

I honestly still can't believe that the Pats were able to comeback from the 4 goal deficit. When Dziurzynsi scored the 4-0 goal I thought the game was all but done. Hewitt was lifted and Beukeboom entered the contest something happened.... and I don't know what it was but the Pats took advantage in a huge way and took over the game and made the Wheat Kings look very average. When the Pats scored to tie the game I have to say that it might have been one of the loudest ovations I have heard in a very long time at the Brandt Centre including a standing ovation.... When they scored the 5th goal I think that it was topped. for the size of the crowd it was unbelievably loud and included yet another standing ovation! Were the Wheat Kings Beuke-Beuke-Beuke-Beuke-BOOMED? I don't know but it was amazing.

I know it's 66 games into the season but I still don't get this team.... and that's a good thing. The Pats of the last few seasons would have in most cases "folded up their tents" and limped off the ice with a lopsided loss. This team battles and battles and I have to learn to not count the 2011/12 Pats out in any game.

Congrats to Jordan Weal in moving on up in the Pats record books!

That's all I really have tonight.... Pats vs. Wheat Kings tomorrow. Hopefully it will be as exciting as Saturday but not as heart wrenching. 


on March 06, 2012 by Kevin Shaw |