Former Pats Born on this day

I'm not sure if I'm going to do this every day but I figured I would give it a shot for a while. After the research I've done I have probably found at least 900 (of just over 1200) players/goalies "vitals" (dates of birth, place of birth, hometown, height, weight, etc.) and I figured that I would share some as I go about my other research. If anyone has old programs or lineups (I'm looking for some jersey numbers) that they are willing to share information on that would be greatly appreciated. You can email me at or Thanks.

Here are former Pats born on March 3:

Garrett Festerling (1986)
2005/07 Pats
Regular Season: 139-44-87-131-97
Playoffs: 16-8-11-19-22

Don Forrester (1949)
1967/68 Pats
Regular Season: 35-3-6-9-20
Playoffs: 3-0-1-1-0

David Graden (1985)
2002/03 Pats
Regular Season: 22-0-1-1-22

Mitch Jones (1960)
1978/79 Pats
Regular Season: 15-0-3-3-30

Carson McPherson (1986)
2004/05 Pats 11-0-1-1-10

Colton Orr (1982)
2002/03 Pats
Regular Season: 37-6-2-8-170
Playoffs: 3-0-0-0-19

John Ursaki (1914)
1933/34 Pats
Regular Season: 2-1-0-1-0
Playoffs: 5-1-1-2-7
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