So much for the live blog....

I got too involved in the game and I didn't think I could keep up with a live blog so I figured I would just have some observations about the game and go from there.

Well I don't know about you but spotting any team a 2 goal lead in the first period of any game has to be a real morale destroyer. The team rallied and fought back and eventually tied the game. In all honesty I know the team has played 48 games this season and I'm still not used to the fight back this team has. I know it didn't produce a win but man I'm proud when they play hard and do have some fight back.

It's unfortunate that the boys couldn't finish off the game but they got the point. I know, I know it's not 2 points but in the grand scheme of things the points matter.... all of them.

A few things from the game....

Jordan Weal is becoming more and more of a machine out there. Putting up points, playing all special teams and now even laying out the other teams star player with a massive hip check (a great hit!). Well deserving of the first star in my opinion.

I don't know if it was the opponent or if the coaches got after the players but man were they ever hitting tonight. Maybe I didn't notice it before but I think the team was flying around hitting everything. With that being said the Tigers are a hard hitting team as well so it was nice seeing a physical game that really had no dirty play.

It was nice to see Brandon Underwood back in the lineup. Back to my last point... maybe Underwood's presence in the lineup helped the guys feel more comfortable being physical? I can't really say but it was nice to see the hits and glad to see Underwood back in game action.

I guess I should have taken notes because I'm drawing a blank for what I wanted to say....

Well I do have a couple more things that I just thought of. A big ups to Tanner Olstad for dropping the mitts with Hurley and giving up over 6" and close to 30 lbs. He stood in there and did good for himself.

I guess it was just one more thing for now.... If I think of more tomorrow I will post them.

I won't have my computer at the game tomorrow as it is a Pats/Warriors clash and I will be too involved emotionally (ha ha I know, I know) I will have a blog afterwards. That won't stop me from posting other stuff during the day as I do have some ideas.

Goodnight all, and remember this.... GO PATS GO!!!
on January 20, 2012 by Kevin Shaw |