Pats fairly quiet at the deadline

I'm not going to celebrate but it looks like I have restored my internet at home so I will be able to blog again (fingers crossed it will last for a while).

Well back on topic.....

Maybe I'm a crazy Pats fan but in all honesty I really like the Martin Marincin (and picks) for Ricard Blidstrand (and picks) deal. It's not always easy trading first (or second) round picks but in this regard I think that Trader Chad will be able to recoup the assets down the road.... in the future for the future. Looks like Marincin will wear jersey #27 (per the Pats website). I have to give credit to Blidstrand as he has been playing really well recently and I'm sure that he will do well in PG.

I was expecting a couple more moves by the Pats but they never happened. I never thought that the Pats would trade Weal or Davidson but I wouldn't have been shocked if deals were done. It's the way the junior hockey game goes. I'm honestly glad that the team kept the leadership group together.

I hear people talking about the "future" and that not trading Weal (etc.) has yet again screwed up the team for years.... I don't agree at all. What would a Weal deal have done to the chemistry of the team? He has more than twice as many points as the second place scorer on the Pats. How would you replace that? Bringing in a 16 and/or 17 year old (or two) may help in the long run..... but would this help the team this year? Currently sitting 7 games over the .500 mark and only 9 points out of first in the conference (10 up on 9th) how does a team trade your top player and "hope" to make the playoffs as I'm sure the chemistry would be wrecked.

Well now what do the Pats do with 9 defencemen I asked.... and checking out the Twitterverse and Adam Beukeboom (@abeukeboom35) tweeted this: I hate this part of hockey. @Zimboomafoo @lpeel34 gonna miss you guys.

So I guess Nathan Zimbaluk and Landon Peel have been re-assigned.

Digging a little further....

The SJHL tweeted this: SJHL @theSJHL 2h Reply Retweeted Favorite · Open Regina Pats Re-Assign 93D Nathan Zimbaluk to Battleford. Stars move Zimbaluk to Melfort, while Zach MacLellan's rights revert back to BAT.

Good luck to Nathan and Landon. Hopefully they come back next year and prove their worth and make the Pats on a full time basis (there just isn't enough ice to go around).

I've rambled on long enough, hopefully my internet is permanently fixed and can get back to blogging. Fingers crossed.

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