Live Bloggin' Again! Pats v. Tigers

Man I'm happy to be back up and running tonight and now I can live blog! Thanks to DP!

This is on of many important games the Pats are facing pretty much until the end of the season as so many teams are vying for the top four spots in the East as the races are insanely close. It's going to be amazing.

Well the lineup changes for the two clubs tonight are #5 Lewington and #21 McKay for the Tigers and #4 Burroughs, #25 Moser and #22 Stephenson for the Pats. The Pats welcome Brandon Underwood back into the lineup.

Starters for the Tigers: #30 Bunz in goal, #6 Konan and #15 Bettauer on defense. #9 Shinkaruk, #27 Bredo and #25 Etem are the forwards.

For the Pats it looks like they are matching power with power and have Hewitt between the pipes with Jobke and Bidlevskii on D. Sheidl with Weal and Rieder as the Pats starters.

Tyler Adair and Pat Smith are the stripes calling the action with Matthew Lawrence and Curtis Funk on the lines.

Stay Tuned....

And GO PATS GO!!!!!
on January 20, 2012 by Kevin Shaw |