Pats vs. Rebels

Adam Beukeboom (@adambeukeboom35) gets his first home start of his career.

Blidstrand, Olstad, Moser and Zimbaluk are the scratches.

More to come.....

Some line juggling as Stephenson and Weal are now with Rieder.

Early on the combination of Peel and Burroughs has been split up and Peel is with Underwood and Burroughs is with Davidson. That is awesome for them.

Chandler Stephenson (@CStephenson22) opened up the scoring for the Pats and the teddy bears rained down for few couple of minutes. I was disappointed with peoples attitudes towards the teddy bear toss and noticed that many a person didn't bring a stuffed animal. My family and I did well and tossed over a dozen furry creatures on the ice. But back to Stephenson.... he's finally getting his chance to prove that he belongs on the top line.

Andrew Rieder (@Rieder28) had a good game back up on a line with Weal and Stephenson with many chances but Bartosak had his number and needed to make a couple of huge stops early in the game to keep the Pats at bay.

I feel sorry for Adam Beukeboom..... getting pulled in his first start at home after allowing 2 goals on 13 shots. I don't know if it was nerves or what it was but it seemed like he was fighting the puck and was having trouble with the glove hand. The coaches must have seen something that warranted them pulling the switch.

Matt Hewitt (@Hewitt30) came in and played really well. His only goal allowed was a screen shot from the point on the powerplay.

Others that deserve a a quick mention off the top of my head: Jordan Weal with another great game, Jobke with 1 and 1, Ouellette with what was probably a career game with 1 and 2. I will expand on this more tomorrow.

I have way more to mention, but it's getting late (this part of my update is being wrote at 11:57pm). I will have more thoughts tomorrow.


Go Pats Go!!!
on December 03, 2011 by Kevin Shaw |