A New Month

Hey everyone, sorry for lack of recent posts. It has been a crazy last two weeks and have just hadn't had the focus I needed to blog.

I'm really not sure what I want to blog about that hasn't been covered by the Leader-Post, other blogs and message boards.... so maybe I will just leave the past two weeks in the rear view mirror and focus on the future. It will be a quick post tonight.

Well I guess there will be some rehashing of the recent events but I will keep that to a minimum (for now at least, my mind is all over the place).

As selfish as this will sound I'm glad the Pats will have Jordan Weal for the not too distant future. He helps give the Pats the best chance to win. With 38 points in just 25 games Weal is by far and away the Pats leading scorer (16 points up on second). I think that Weal totally deserved to at least be invited to Team Canada's camp but like I said that has been covered in all sorts of places.
I find it hard to believe that with a that is 2 games over .500 the Pats are in 9th in the conference.... Talk about parity in the East.
Enough rambling for now. I'm back and ready to roll. Looking forward to live blogging the Giants and the Rebels games from the Brandt!
"Stand With Us" and GO PATS GO!!